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It's your health, and your information. Lab tests from Access Health can be ordered online or at any Life Lab location in British Columbia.

Learn more about your lab test results and what they mean for your personal health. All tests are reviewed by our qualified practitioners.

We have a wide variety of lab tests available. Now you can learn more about many aspects of your personal health with documented results.

Do you have questions about your health?

Don’t let the current requisition process stand between you and the health answers you need. Now you can get documented answers from medical tests you order online.

Access Health offers a wide variety of professional medical testing kits you can order from the comfort of your home without a requisition from your family doctor. The results are reviewed by a team of qualified practitioners, and documentation is provided so that you can share the findings with your current medical health provider.

The evolution of online health care services is gaining momentum, and more and more people are accessing the information they need online, avoiding lineups and waiting rooms. We believe that our patient-focussed approach to healthcare has many benefits:

People are entitled to information about their own health

Supporting pro-active research encourages preventative health care

Online health care services give people a simple, convenient, and respectful way to get the answers they need

Access to lab results provides documentation that can be followed by a family physician

Information empowers people to be stronger advocates of their family’s health

Many of the functional lab tests we offer are not available within the BC health care system

Access to 1000's of possible labs around the world including the Mayo Clinic, Armin Lab in Germany, Doctor's Data, Genova, IngeneX as well as LifeLabs here in BC

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Is your thyroid functioning as it should be? Do you have nutritional deficiencies? Is your stress level affecting your health? Get the answers you need from these popular lab tests.