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As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Karen Fraser, BSc, ND has heard the stories and concerns of many BC residents. Some have had family physicians who are supportive of their proactive efforts to research their own health. Others have felt frustrated because they don’t have an established relationship with a family doctor, or they’ve requested medical tests that their doctor is unwilling to order. Dr. Fraser believes that all BC residents should have access to information about their own health, and Access Health provides the ability for all BC residents to order these lab tests online. Now you can order a variety of lab tests online to provide documentation for our own peace fo mind, or to share with your family doctor.

It's your health, and your information. Lab tests from Access Health can be ordered online or at any Life Lab location in British Columbia.

Learn more about your lab test results and what they mean for your personal health. All tests are reviewed by our qualified practitioners.

We have a wide variety of lab tests available. Now you can learn more about many aspects of your personal health with documented results.

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